Anti-Blogger (or Intro)


I believe myself to be a writer.

As a kid, I constantly had my nose in a book. Growing up with Lizzy Bennet as my best friend, I felt particularly compelled to recognize my purpose and explore my intelligence. Oh and how can I forget Jane Eyre? These women inspired me from such a young age and still have a lasting affect on me. This was all through the power of written language.

Yet, while reading fueled my mind with inspiration and new perspectives, it could never keep me satisfied. I have come to realize that while my classical idols are responsible for the spark, my newer role models have set my soul aflame. With so many people (real or fictitious) inspiring me every day of my life, it is absolutely impossible to not want to write.

The act of writing itself is what interests me. I solemnly believe that writing is full of diversity and passion if one tries. And I think I’m supposed be to be trying a little more…

I’m supposed to write to remember. And sometimes write to forget. I am obligated to tell stories, my own and other’s, as they are. My goal is to make the world a smaller place. I love feeling connected with others and, through my writings, I would love if any of you feel connected to me.

So here it goes.

I won’t be writing on any particular topic or theme. I will just be reporting and attempting to entertain you. Think of this more as an online column versus your run-of-the-mill blog. And feel completely welcome to submit feedback, suggestions, or even your own interesting stories for me to write on (anonymously of course) through the link here.

Make sure to browse and follow my site to get email updates when I post!

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