Pressure Cooked

Recently I had my first, but more importantly my last, experience with a pressure cooker.

Now, I’ve always heard of people making cooking analogies but I’ve finally experienced one in real life. Hear me out.

If you don’t know, a pressure cooker is a sealed pot that builds up steam which makes the temperature inside ridiculously hot. So basically, it’s either a quick meal or a delicious bomb.

In my case, it was an extremely well-seasoned soup explosion. I’m not kidding when I say my kitchen was redecorated with vegetables. And I was burnt to a crisp.

Immediately after my unfortunate event, I completely swore off all pressure cookers ever. I was absolutely done with them. Whether it was bad luck or stupidity, I could never risk it again.

A couple weeks passed and I started thinking about the entire incident in a different light. (If you know me at all, you know I try to take something positive from every situation.) I was so quick to write off pressure cookers as dangerous but I myself have been like that pressure cooker.

I know what you’re thinking, “Did she just compare herself to cookware?” And the answer is yes, yes I did. I think it’s so important to gain wisdom where you can, even in the strangest places.

In my life, I’ve left questions unanswered and misunderstandings unsolved. I’ve even boiled my personality to be softer, more palpable. By doing this, I allowed these things to have unnecessary pressure on me and power over me.

At first it’s fine…right? I was just trying to maintain a certain level of strength as everyone else does. I think nothing of it. But then, it escalates.

Next thing you know, my questions turn into false doubts. My misunderstandings become baseless indifferences. Then I’m looking in the mirror and the reflection doesn’t seem so familiar.


Like the soup covering my kitchen, the words of my multi-faceted issues are covering the eardrums of my poor best friend. God bless her. (At least she didn’t get third degree burns in the process.)

Too often I see myself and people around me holding in their thoughts, feelings, and even themselves. Why are we not more honest? Why is it so difficult to be ourselves?

The only explanation I can think of: because we have collectively decided that this was the easiest course of action. It’s too easy to avoid confrontation and remain neutral. It’s too easy to lose ourselves in an attempt to blend in with others.

How sad.

We are all unique, passionate individuals that should never compromise our mental integrity.

If you have something to say, say it. Don’t be a jerk. But, be you. If you want to be seen as who you really are, start showing your true colors. Expose your mind to the world and allow yourself to be vulnerable.

So many times I’ve had friends and even boyfriends who never truly knew me. This created a false representation of who I am and I may never be able to change that. No matter my reasoning, I held back and that can only be blamed on me.

I’m not perfect and I finally stopped trying to act like I could be. I try to be perfectly myself, perfectly satisfied with who I am. Perfectly directed towards growth and individuality.

The longer I know those close to me, the more I admire who they are inside. Having the privilege of getting to know someone, for who they truly are, is so insane. It’s such a change of pace from boring chit chat and polite conversation.

Useful advice:

Never buy a pressure cooker; never be a pressure cooker.



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